Official Infinity Rules & Guidelines - April 2017

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    :star: Welcome to the Infinity Forum!:star:
    We have set these rules to keep this place a nice and friendly place for everyone to enjoy the modpack.
    Also, feel free to introduce yourself and tell us your name, what you do and where you are from.

    :pin: Please follow these rules for the best experience

    1) Do not spam, swear, or use hate speech. Don't get aggressive with others. Be friendly, have fun and relaxed conversations with each other.

    2) Please keep the chat in English language. It’s nothing personal, but most of our members are English and it makes it the easiest for us all to communicate together.

    3) If you need any help with the pack please post your question into the #infinity-help channel only. Also make sure to include a detailed error description alongside your message so we can quickly help you and get you back up and running!

    4) Do not upload .exe, .pdf, .bat or any other potentially dangerous file types into any channel unless a staff member specifically asks you to do so.

    5) Only advertise your own Minecraft servers that are on for the Infinity Pack. Read the pinned message in #servers for guidelines. DO NOT advertise Discord servers or anything else.

    6) When advertising in #servers please be mindful about how your advertisement looks like in the channel. Make sure not to post ads more often than 12 hours in any circumstance.

    7) Do not impersonate people you are not! (⊙_⊙') ~ creepy!!

    8) Please don't post your personal information at any time. This is the internet, you don't know who or what kind of creeps hang out here!

    9) Moderators have purple names. If one of the mods asks you to do or not do something, please listen to them. Do not DM staff, moderators or members that ask you to stop.

    10) Please take these rules seriously and have fun!​
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