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    -Mekanism Generators (Link Above)
    -Mekanism Tools (Link Above)


    -Modular Power Suits

    Industrial Craft

    Build Craft

    Project Red - Base

    Project Red - Lighting

    Project Red - Integration

    Project Red - Mechanical


    The reason I've selected specifically Tech mods is to balance out the amount of magic/wizard mods installed into the mod pack. Yes, we already have a huge tech mod, AE2, however, these listed above are very intuitive and are very useful to expand the creativity in one's mind. For example, TrainCraft simply allows you to build amazing looking, exploration trains that can carry many resources. Mekanism is an overall tech mass mod that features everything to sustain one's needs. ICBM could be installed as it has unique turrets as a defence and missiles that are very stunning. All the Project Red are important for, decoration, more mechanics and the overall amusement of the mod. Industrial Craft & Build Craft, used in so many exploration/survival mod packs mainly because they're always containing useful items that really push the player that one step further. Finally, modular power suits are basically if you want to stand out and seem like a real "Tech Nerd" in some cases. Please take into consideration for these mods as all together they are very demanded on many other mod packs, plus they work outstandingly well together and really impact the game crucially for the Tech people!

    Thank you for listening, TheRiceLord_
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